“This was the most pleasant experience we have ever had with a home improvement project. All personnel were true professionals; always on time; treated our home and its contents with extreme care; priced their product very reasonably; and rendered what is perhaps, the highest quality workmanship and product we have ever experienced. Foam Tech is the leader in their field. We highly recommend them and are oh so glad we chose them.”

J. & V. Angelico
Charleston, SC

“There is a good reason professional is in the company name because they truly are. Stephen and his crew take great care to go the extra mile to protect the owner’s property. At the end of the work the areas where they worked are cleaner than when they arrived. Some people think spraying foam doesn’t take any skill, that anyone can do but believe me once you see Foam Tech Professional’s end result, you will know Stephen and his crew also have a great working knowledge and completely understand the impact spray foaming has on a building or home. Lastly, Stephen is one of only a few companies that I will refer to any of my customers.”

Medd Box
President, AirMax, LLC

“In 2010, I hired Stephen May of Foam Tech Professionals, LLC to inspect our home for anything he could do to help with our high utility bills. Stephen found that the previous contractor who had foamed our attic did not spray the foam all the way down to the area where the roof met the floor because they had not bothered to pull away the loose insulation on the floor to complete the job. He also recommended foaming the crawl space under my home.

Upon completion of his recommendations, I was impressed with his attention to detail and his knowledge of his product. He also kept his appointments and was punctual. Stephen is an honest and trustworthy businessman and his fees seemed very reasonable. Our utility bills have reduced which has already helped reimburse us for the cost of Stephen’s work. I highly recommend Foam Tech Professionals.”

Caroline McQueeny
James Island, SC

“Our attic which was previously unbearable in the summer never exceeded 85 degrees this past summer after insulating it with foam … quite a help to the roof longevity and interior.”

S. Tarnecki
James Island, SC

“I am writing this to let you know how much my family and I appreciate the work (closed cell foam under all the downstairs floors) that Stephen and his team did at our home in old Mount Pleasant just over a year ago. It has made a world of difference in the comfort of our 60 year old house. Last winter was bone-chillingly cold. Our hardwood floors used to freeze our feet in the winter. Now even on the coldest nights, we can go barefooted on toasty warm oak. Also, we have found that there is consistency of temperature from room to room in the winter and summer, and our HVAC system has less trouble maintaining balance, as well as cycling on and off much less. We are quite pleased with the end result.

Aside from the end product, I want to thank you and commend you for something that almost never happens. Stephen clearly explained what he was going to do, and what it would cost. He stuck to that price even though the job turned out to be far more difficult and time consuming than previously thought. He showed up exactly when he said he would, and completely cleaned up the job site to the point that we could not even tell they were there (until we looked under the house and saw the foam). I will admit – we were shocked by this.

I have, and will continue to recommend your team and your work.”

Chris Ollis
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“I am extremely satisfied with the insulation work Foam Tech Professionals recently performed on my home. The crew came in, worked unobtrusively all day, and even thanked me (!) for the work. Thank you, Stephen and company.”

M.L. Viohl
James Island, SC